Wednesday, March 26, 2008

#17 SARS Masks

While SARS masks serve a utilitarian purpose, many Asians go Rip Hamilton and enjoy rockin' em as fashion statements even when there isn't Bird Flu in the air. Above is a photo from Boon, a Japanese and Netherlands based design studio offering "Couture SARS Masks".

This is the description on the site:
The very sterile looking white gauze mask inspired to make it more cheerful and funny while still serving its purpose. This new mask is no longer masking, but transforming the part of the face it is hiding, integrating face and mask.Currently there are 15 types of masks, varying from animals and human snouts, to zippers. Next to this customized masks are available, such as the mask for the Hanshin Tigers.

No diggity, way to go Planet Asia! When life gives you lemons, draw tiger whiskers on them. I like how Asians can keep the hello kitty act going even when facing continental disaster. Nothing can shake our fortitude or re-organize our priorities, which would be:

1) Being Cute
2) Honoring the Family
3) Blurring the Lines Between Animal and Asian

To analogize, this would be like Louisianians buying giant lobster hands to wade through a flood or perhaps Platypus tails to cover your ass when Hurrican Katrina blows your pants off. Hey, if you're going to get got by bird flu, why not do it with a funky ass sheep nose on your face?

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キャットアシュリ / 凯诗丽 said...

lol. I think they also work against allergies, hay fever, and all the flying stuff. And they make Asians feel more like ninjas when they're sick.