Thursday, March 20, 2008

#8 Johnnie Walker and Green Tea

johnnie walker and green tea

Oh yeaaa, what better way to wash down a plate of sukiyaki or peking duck than Johnnie Walker Red and Green Tea! Asian meals are high in complex carbohydrates, sodium, and frequently, MSG (In more authentic joints, they don't use MSG, but good luck finding one on this continent!). There is the inevitable food coma and you need a transition drink to get you back on your feet.

A few cups of Johnnie and Green, will get your Asian face flush like a baboon's ass and ready to rock out at some Asian Disco to the sounds of Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb"! Or, an Asian hip hop joint where the DJ has his own Eminem remixes with Engrish voice overs: "Averybody round me ousie, round me ousie!" Trust me, this shit really happens on the FAAAARRRRR East Coast and honestly, it's fun to be at a cross-continental cultural mash-up.

Frequently, we laugh at Asian attempts at cocktails, dancing, and parties in general, but trust me, Johnnie Red and Green is one Asian party elixir that will set it off right. Don't be surprised if you see Matsui pounding them on 8th Street sometime soon or Yao Ming washing his broken foot with JGT for its medicinal properties. Even Johnnie co-signed it, check out his latest trip to the Middle Kingdom.

johnnie walker