Friday, March 28, 2008

#19 Breakdancing

For eons, Asians showed their cat like quickness through art forms and martial arts such as Lotus Dances or Kung-Fu. But, once China let gun powder slip through the wall to the outside world, snap dragon kicks became pretty obselete. It's taken a while for us to recover from the fact that two-inch punches are no match for the trigger, but recently, we've turned to break dancing.

Break dancing is like Ninja training, without the malicious intent. While ninja activities require roof hopping, break dancing can take place within a small 6ft by 6ft area. With the growing Asian population and increased density, break dancing's focus on floor moves within tight corridors is ideal. You're more likely to kick the shit out of yourself than some rival ninja from another village, but what the hell, you look really cool doing it.

Break dancing has become a fantastic outlet for Asian genes to showcase their value. Unlike basketball or football, which do not accentuate the Asian physique, break dancing does. Being short, stumpy, and agile are all pluses for break dancers. Add in the Asian propensity for good pound for pound strength ratios and you have the ultimate Asian hobby. We may not be able to kick the shit out of a Tienanmen Tank or General with an AK, but we can get funky like stinky tofu when Shawty Lo comes on.


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