Thursday, March 20, 2008

#2 Video Game Inspired Hairstyles

dragon ball z

While members of the dominant culture in America have in-the-flesh role models, most Asians turn to Nintendo for inspiration and leadership. Back in the stone age, most Asian role-models were "screened" off network television and could only be accessed through audio/video cables and cartridges. At first, these devices were not affordable, but as the demand for soy sauce, MSG, and happy ending massages grew, Asians had the resources to acquire the "little grey box" to watch Asian programming on Channel Nintendo.

One of the groundbreaking role models was Goku of Dragon Ball Z fame. If Genghis Khan has the most replicated DNA of all time, Goku has the most replicated hair style, which may or may not be held up with DNA a la Something About Mary. Purists of the hair style claim that the "Father of the Big Black Box," Sonic the Hedgehog, pioneered the hairstyle, but it wasn't until a lily white Goku sported the style that it blew up.Sonic

While Sonic did technically "invent" the style, Goku validated the look by giving it his stamp of approval. Even now, almost 20 years since the original Dragon Ball Z release, Asians are still reppin' hardasian hair

But today, Asians should be proud because they now have in-the-flesh, de-masculinated, Asian representatives on HBO sportin' half-Gokus (the cropped version) and no longer have to use cartridges and audio/video cables for guidance and life lessons. KISSES Lloyd! XOXOrex lee

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