Monday, March 24, 2008

#12 Scooters

As stated before, Asians like mini, but there is more to their affinity for scooters than a love of small. Scooters are minimalist in design, cheap, and "cute". Like Hello Kitty, they satisfy the Asian Trinity of Design. In places like Thailand, Japan, China, and Taiwan, roads are congested, people are small, and cars are not affordable (unless you purchase knock-off Toyotas like the Delica a.k.a. ghetto-Celica). Scooters provide Asians a way to Po-Pimp and get around the city without having to ride Beijing Bicycles. They are quick, agile, and very kung-fu like in their operation. We rike.

Unlike Americans who look down upon scooters as Metro-Sexual Non-Highway Transportation Vehicles, Asians are much more open minded and less scooter-phobic than their Western brethren. Additionally, scooters are exempt from the 8 block rule. While you'd never take the train or jump in a cab to go 8 blocks, it's acceptable to take the scooter. It's fuel efficient, easy to park, and meant for point A to point A(a) travel. This is helpful when taking a trip to the morning dan bing spot (egg-pancake) or man tou stand (white buns, for breakfast, not fornication) right outside your straw hut or hu-tong.

Additionally, if you, your brothers, your mother, your father, and all your ancestors want to go on a vacation, but your country doesn't offer Fung-Wah Bus Service, jump on the scooter! Cheaper than Hertz or Enterprise rental and a "two-seater" fits 5 Asians. Hatch-back Tent Car Companies (Pontiac, Scion, Honda Element)... good luck tapping into this market!

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No One of Conseqence said...

we don't like scooters, we like scooter..singular. All of us pile on one scooter together