Thursday, March 20, 2008

#1 Walls a.k.a. Cubicles

Great Wall

Since Qin Shi Huang Di decided to begin work on The Great Wall in the 5th Century BC, Asians, and especially Chinese People, have become infatuated with Walls. Originally, the purpose of the Great Wall was to keep out Barbarians, but now, it serves as inspiration for another Asian hobby: Photography.Today, Asians still feel the need to insulate personal genius while blocking out barbaric glances into their exotic world. In response, many smaller walls have been erected to defend against the modern barbarians' ever-advancing attempts at infiltration. The most noticeable variety is of course: cubicles.
Cubicle farm

The cubicle is to modern warfare i.e. ladder climbing, what the Great Wall was to siege defense. Cubicles allow Asians to work quickly, quietly, and under cover. While others congregate around water coolers talking about distractions such as sports, romance (Asians respect family, but not romance or women), or weekends, Asians find refuge in cubicles because they are a strong defense to social interaction. Whether a result of language barriers or just straight forward dislike of other humans, Asians prefer to live in their work leaving only infrequently for meals not involving protein such as vegetable egg rolls or beef FLAVORED instant noodles. Asians see no value in social interaction or barbarian culture preferring instead to focus at the task at hand and hiding their genius.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, that was the third century BC, not the fifth. Qin Shi Huang Di ruled 221-206 BC.